Kind Words
Here is some of many kind letters from our customers!
Kind Words 2
Another Letter From Another Happy Customer 
 To All the Staff @ Richard P. Waltz,

 I just wanted to take a minute to let all of you know how pleased I am with your service at  Richard P. Waltz.  I work down the street at The Children's Adventure Center. We are a daycare  with 65 kids and 12 staff so working toilets is a big deal. In the past I had used a different  "plumber" who at the time served the purpose. However, they didn't always fix the problem, took  a couple days to get here and weren't the most polite of people.  So a few months back I needed  someone ASAP, my pump light was on and 3 of my tiolets were acting up. I called the "plumber" I  usually use and he told me in a round about way he was too busy this week and I should try  someone else. I told him I would be trying somone else permantly. I asked around and was told  to  try you, so I did. My first call to the office I spoke with the receptionist. She was fantastic, she  answered all my questions and within minutes told me she would have someone over that day.  I've had two different encounters with you now. Both times the service was great. When I call the  office everyone is polite and helpful and the plumbers, or as the kids call them "plungers", who  have come to the center are excellent. They are clean and dressed professionally, they are  friendly and most important knowledgable. They figured out what was wrong and fixed it quickly  and without leaving a huge mess behind. It just makes me very happy to know I have a reliable  plumbing company right down the street to help me out when something goes wrong, let's face it  with a daycare you never know what is going down the toilet. So thank you very much and I plan  on using Richard P. Waltz again for my plumbing issues.

   Sarah (Director)